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11x14_Snow_queen_E-471x600Snow Queen ~ Emily Balivet

The crystallized peace and stillness of the white of winter!

To all of my devoted followers. It’s Saturday, December 7th, and it’s pouring rain in California.  I’m having a cup of coffee, before the angels and I continue packing to leave Los Angeles, and return to Texas on December 28, 2013. So far, I’ve counted 25 medium-sized boxes of books, and that’s after donations. Yikes!

I will post as often as possible between now and watching my computer loaded on the moving truck, and get back to it, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience, and Happy Holidays!

640x758_6283_Snow_Queen_2d_illustration_andersen_snow_queen_fantasy_queen_boy_picture_image_digital_artSnow Queen ~ RedClover


il_570xN.401760511_kcw8Winter Goddess ~ Emily Balivet

A time of warmth, and listening to the still small voice within, journaling, meditation, planting seeds of new growth.

What inner seeds will you plant?

Write a description of your inner journey to the Winter Goddess’ Crystal Palace.

Write a description of your Spring harvest.



il_570xN.445694561_4ik0The Star Goddess of Hope ~ Emily Balivet

The Star Goddess brings renewed self-esteem, increased trust, hope, wishes, faith, dreams, vision, and illuminates blessings of the Universe. She is a spiritual journey of letting go, healing, transformation, new ideas and growth.

What can you do to attune with the flowing waters of spirit to create a Universe within?

What is your best dream?

What blessings do you want to share with others?

Affirmation:  I can create anything I need!




The Full Moon will happen on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at 25 degrees Taurus, at 7:16 a.m., PST.

It is a time for grounding energy to align with our core values, and what is truly important. This full moon will cast an illumination on inner resources, such as, security, finances, values, abundance, art, pleasure, passion, goals, to enable and empower us to shift and make necessary changes.

Fortuna Bona, literally means “Good Fortune.” It is a benevolent aspect of the Roman Goddess of Luck and Chance, Fortuna. The Latin word “bona” is translated as “good things, profit, or wealth.” Trust your ability to connect with the positive energy of good fortune, and manifest your desires.


The High Priest, Pope or Pontiff (Latin “Pontifex”) wears his triple crown, and sits on a throne between two pillars symbolizing law and liberty, while the keys to Heaven rests at his feet. He is holy, enlightened, and the keeper of secret knowledge, and higher mysteries for the sake of presentation.

The Pontiff is a teacher, authority figure, represents great power, higher learning, high social standing, and all group identification with rules, and assigned roles.


Hand – the Pontiff’s right hand is raised as a sign of benediction.

Staff – a triple cross, symbolic of the global head of the Papal office in the Roman Catholic Church. The Staff reinforces the Pontiff’s responsibility of the well-being of the people.


Law, holy, ceremony, conformity, tradition, education, secret knowledge, status quo, institutions.

Taurus is ruler of the second house in the zodiac, and ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is also associated with the Hierophant in the tarot.




In August 1914, a valiant British Expeditionary Force marched through Belgium to connect with French forces when suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves confronted by the main thrust of advancing German forces. During a massive attack by the Germans, the British troops, being heavily outnumbered and outflanked suffered many casualties, were forced to rapidly retreat.

The supernatural allies saved members of the British Army by leading them across a field to a hidden, sunken road to escape.


In September 1914, a Welsh author, named Arthur Machen published a fictional short story entitled “The Bowmen” in The Evening News, a London newspaper. He was inspired by accounts of World War I, the Battle at Mons, near Belgium, and an idea he had soon after.

The short story described phantom bowmen from the Battle of Agincourt summoned by a soldier calling on St. George to destroy German troops. Machen’s story was not, however, labeled as fortuitous fiction and the unintended result was that he received a number of requests to produce evidence, and sources for the story from his readers, who perceived it as the truth, or a hoax. Machen responded that it was imaginary, and had no desire to create a hoax.

The imaginary story snowballed into an urban legend, later becoming the “The Angels of Mons.” Other magazines requested permission to reprint the story, and for sources. However, Machen replied that he had none.


The Angels of Mons is an urban legend about the intervention of a spectral army of angelic warriors, that stood on the front lines between British and German armies. Over a period of six days, as the battle raged on, soldiers and officers reported that angels dressed in shining white garments appeared during the fierce battle.

The story was even told by German prisoners of ghostly bowmen, led by a tall figure on a white horse, who urged the British troops to move forward. The retreat and the battle were rapidly perceived by the British public as being a key moment in the war.


highpriestessThe High Priestess ~ The Iluminati Tarot

The High Priestess is the Guardian of the unconscious, and represents the unknown depths of inner illumination, divine knowledge, understanding, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and serenity. She has a deep intuitive understanding of the Universe, and knows the secret of how to access the inner realms. The truth is hidden and may be discovered only through meditation, dreams, intuition, divination, feminine wisdom or revelation.


The High Priestess is seated before the Gate of Great Mystery, and she is a Mediator of passage into the depth of reality. She is a symbol of initiation for “edge walkers,” to ride the crest between the threshold of darkness and light, and into the mysteries of inner wisdom, and the maturity to access her Ancient Wisdom.

The High Priestess is associated with the inner luminosity, and receptivity of the Moon in the tarot, and is an excellent archetype for accessing intuitive powers for artistic inspiration.ET_HighPriestess


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The ethereal sound of Anuna

Meav Ni Mhaolchatha ~ The Sea


history-2Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II

Waxing Elizabeth by Bruce Broughton

 (Film: Young Sherlock Holmes)


The lyrics of, “The Mummers’ Dance” by Canadian Celtic singer Loreena McKennitt celebrates the specific traditional springtime ritual of the Gaelic May Day Festival of Beltane, observed in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The “May Day” celebration was commonly held on April 30 through May 1, or midsummer between the spring and summer solstice. It was observed as an important fertility ritual for springtime in May when pagans danced around the maypole with ribbons. The ritual died-out by the mid-20th Century, although some of its customs are still observed by some European countries in present day.

The song was featured in the trailer for the 1998 film, “Ever After: A Cinderella Story,” starring Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott.

The Mummers’ Dance by Loreena McKennitt (Album: The Book of Secrets)

When in the springtime of the year

When the trees are crowned with leaves

When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew

Are dressed in ribbons fair

When owls call the breathless moon

In the blue veil of the night

The shadows of the trees appear

Amidst the lantern light

We’ve been rambling all the night

And some time of this day

Now returning back again

We bring a garland gay

Who will go down to those shady groves

And summon the shadows there

And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms

In the springtime of the year

The songs of birds seem to fill the wood

That when the fiddler plays

All their voices can be heard

Long past their woodland days

We’ve been rambling all the night

And some time of this day

Now returning back again

We bring a garland gay

And so they linked their hands and danced

Round in circles and in rows

And so the journey of the night descends

When all the shades are gone

A garland gay we bring you here

And at your door we stand

It is a sprout well budded out

The work of Our Lord’s hand

The Mummers’ Dance

We’ve been rambling all the night

And some time of this day

Now returning back again

We bring a garland gay

Mad Men’s Season 3, episode 2, entitled “Love Among the Ruins” featured a maypole scene. Don Draper becomes involved with his daughter (Sally’s) elementary school teacher, Suzanne Farrell, who he first saw leading her students in an outdoor maypole dance.

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