In the early 90s, Oliver Putland sang with all-boy English vocal groups, Libera and Angel Voices. Below is a short interview with Oliver, and performing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Pie Jesu.

Pie Jesu,

Qui tollis peccata mundi,

Dona eis requiem.

Agnus Dei,

Qui tollis peccata mundi,

Dona eis requiem,






In August 1914, a valiant British Expeditionary Force marched through Belgium to connect with French forces when suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves confronted by the main thrust of advancing German forces. During a massive attack by the Germans, the British troops, being heavily outnumbered and outflanked suffered many casualties, were forced to rapidly retreat.

The supernatural allies saved members of the British Army by leading them across a field to a hidden, sunken road to escape.


In September 1914, a Welsh author, named Arthur Machen published a fictional short story entitled “The Bowmen” in The Evening News, a London newspaper. He was inspired by accounts of World War I, the Battle at Mons, near Belgium, and an idea he had soon after.

The short story described phantom bowmen from the Battle of Agincourt summoned by a soldier calling on St. George to destroy German troops. Machen’s story was not, however, labeled as fortuitous fiction and the unintended result was that he received a number of requests to produce evidence, and sources for the story from his readers, who perceived it as the truth, or a hoax. Machen responded that it was imaginary, and had no desire to create a hoax.

The imaginary story snowballed into an urban legend, later becoming the “The Angels of Mons.” Other magazines requested permission to reprint the story, and for sources. However, Machen replied that he had none.


The Angels of Mons is an urban legend about the intervention of a spectral army of angelic warriors, that stood on the front lines between British and German armies. Over a period of six days, as the battle raged on, soldiers and officers reported that angels dressed in shining white garments appeared during the fierce battle.

The story was even told by German prisoners of ghostly bowmen, led by a tall figure on a white horse, who urged the British troops to move forward. The retreat and the battle were rapidly perceived by the British public as being a key moment in the war.


veterans_dayLet us bow our heads, and give thanks, in remembrance for the valor and sacrifice of those who bravely served in the Armed Forces, and currently, along with their families for continuous sacrifice to keep our country safe.

Thank a Veteran, today!




gratitude-cristina-mcallisterCristina McAllister ~ Gratitude

Start the day with the benefits and blessings of gratitude!

When you look at life through grateful eyes, then life becomes a magical realm of amazing and endless possibilities.  Cultivate the practice of gratitude as a way to bring more into your life, that can lead to joy in the face of adversity, unshakable inner peace and unwavering freedom.


Take time everyday to write 5 things you are grateful for, and why.  You can do this exercise in the morning before starting your day, or in the evening before bedtime.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath, and listen for the whisper of things in which to be grateful.

Express and enjoy the blessings of gratitude for the benefits of visible and invisible helpers, who act as “Virgil” to guide us through the dark woods.




The Sullivans were an Irish Catholic, American family living in Waterloo, Iowa.  Thomas and Alleta Sullivan had six children named George Thomas, Francis Henry, Joseph Eugene, Madison Abel, Albert Leo, and Theresa.

The Sullivan brothers enlisted in the United States Navy on January 3, 1942, with the stipulation that they serve together.  The Navy enforced a strict policy of separating siblings.  However, in this case, the rule was not strictly enforced and the Navy Department granted official permission for the boys to serve together aboard the USS Juneau, a light cruiser.

On the early morning of November 13, 1942, while sailing across the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, the USS Juneau was struck by a Japanese torpedo and forced to withdraw, and left the Solomon Islands with other surviving US warships from battle.  While leaving, the Juneau was struck for the second time by a Japanese submarine.  The Juneau exploded and quickly sank.

All five brothers were lost at sea, and their parents were notified by a lieutenant commander, a doctor and a chief petty officer on January 12, 1943.  The Sullivan brothers were national heroes, and President Roosevelt sent a letter of condolence, and Pope Pius XII sent a silver religious medal and rosary with his message of regret to Tom and Alleta Sullivan, parents of the five brothers.

On behalf of the war effort, Thomas and Alleta Sullivan appeared for speaking engagements at war plants and shipyards, and later Alleta participated in the launching of a Destroyer named after her sons, USS The Sullivans.

The Sullivans were not the only brothers to die on a ship.  The Borgstrom brothers perished within a few months of each other, two years later.  Therefore, as a result of the Sullivans’ death, the U.S. War Department adopted the Sole Survivor Policy, a set of U.S. military regulations designed to protect members of a family from the draft or combat duty if they have already lost family members in military service.

The 1944 biographical film, The Fighting Sullivans, starring Anne Baxter is worth watching!


art-wallpapers-fantasy-collection-dehong-photography-popular-pictures-tonyx-photocombo-best-191231HAPPY NEW YEAR!

th-8It’s 2013, a new year to dream, imagine, and let go of fear of adventure to voyage into the eye of the storm.  Allow a flood of wisdom to summon legions of invisible helpers to fight your stormy battles, and weave abundance into your life.

Light a candle and ride the Eternal OM of Universal goodness and mercy.  Rejoice and expect a new beginning.



Kabir was a 15th Century Indian Poet, and mystic from the ancient movement Bhakti that swept across India as rebellion against religious orthodoxy and caste distinctions.  The movement propagated peace, harmony and love.

The name Kabir comes from the Arabic “al-Kabir,” which means “The Great” – the 37th name of God in Islam.

Kabir left a body of poetical work available today in several dialects.

Business Class Refugees is a collaborative cross-cultural, and global effort of meditative perfection and spiritual vocals inspired by the poetry and songs of Kabir.

Relax and experience a deeper understanding of the cultural search for higher ground!



The process of Lectio Divina is a traditional Catholic practice of scriptural reading, and praying the scriptures, and silently listening to the texts.  The Scripture is regarded as sacred texts to be studied, as the Living Word in the form of meditation and prayer intended to commune with God.

Lectio – read the scripture, and listen with your heart. Note phrases, sentences, or words that stand out. Savor it, while repeating over and over, allowing it to permeate your heart.

Meditatio – reflect on the repetition of words, and remain in quiet reception, allowing the words to saturate your prayer. Pay attention to your breath and the silent whisper of your heart.  Write or draw images to note your experience.

Oratio – close your eyes, remain silent, and take a few deep breaths.  Listen to the repetition of the word for insight, gratitude, or supplication for an intuitive dialog with God.

Contemplatio – rest in the presence of God, and what you have received.  Enter into silence, and become aware of God’s presence and open yourself to a deeper connection with the Creator.

Today, I will read sacred texts, meditate, pray and contemplate the peace, and divine wisdom within.



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