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Voyage of the Fool

The Fool is a master of blind faith of the Major Arcana, and associated with the change agent, Uranus. Does the Fool have a secret or simply leaps off a cliff of pure folly?

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and the planet of uniqueness, adventure, sudden surprises, risks, innovation, astrology, science, inspiration, rebellion and shock. Uranus is also associated with humanitarian goals, friendships, networking and associations.

The Keys of Symbolism for the Fool

The concept of “O” implies nothingness, infinity, netherworld, a non-existent step into the realm of worlds of the unknown.

The Fool represents the archetype of the youthful exuberance of innocence, passion, new beginnings, spontaneity, fresh starts, and blind faith.  Although the journey may cause butterflies in our stomach, sweaty palms, lead feet, and heart palpitations, the Fool follows his bliss, and leaps without a plan and concern for his image, final destination, or the values and beliefs of others.

The Voyage

The Fool skips naively into a forest of shadows with his head in the clouds, arms flung wide, holding a rose in one hand with a small bundle of provisions slung over his shoulder, and a dog yapping at his heels. He is devoted to the passion of his dream, guidance of the inner voice, and doesn’t seem to notice that he is stepping off a cliff into the unknown. He is unaware of the challenges of ventures he will face that will provide the wisdom, and experience of his spiritual nature.

The Fool is dancing playfully on the edge of a cliff without contemplating a leap, but with complete abandon about tempting fate. Perhaps he is aware that he is a traveling troubadour or bard on a whimsical road destined to sniff the purity and passion of a rose, living inside an invisible cosmic bubble which would insure a safe, adventurous ride into the roughed ravine that awaits his misstep.

The Inner Journey of the Fool

The Fool symbolizes the path of mystical cleverness of the Higher Self’s inner journey of lightning discovery. The A-ha moment.  Or the outward journey of your soul’s divine potential. A new direction, a new birth of character in faith, courage, self-esteem, self-reliance, and perseverance invoke a supernatural opening into a portal of satisfaction and fulfillment. However, we don’t get to examine the risk before we take it, but simply remain open to expanding horizons, trusting the Universe, and watch the golden net appear.

The Fool is a risk taker. He takes a leap of faith that allows the seed of aspiration to unfold and the essence of limitless potential to shower the world with inspiration.

Meditate on the Fool to overcome fearfulness, attract new beginnings, and optimism.


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