The process of Lectio Divina is a traditional Catholic practice of scriptural reading, and praying the scriptures, and silently listening to the texts.  The Scripture is regarded as sacred texts to be studied, as the Living Word in the form of meditation and prayer intended to commune with God.

Lectio – read the scripture, and listen with your heart. Note phrases, sentences, or words that stand out. Savor it, while repeating over and over, allowing it to permeate your heart.

Meditatio – reflect on the repetition of words, and remain in quiet reception, allowing the words to saturate your prayer. Pay attention to your breath and the silent whisper of your heart.  Write or draw images to note your experience.

Oratio – close your eyes, remain silent, and take a few deep breaths.  Listen to the repetition of the word for insight, gratitude, or supplication for an intuitive dialog with God.

Contemplatio – rest in the presence of God, and what you have received.  Enter into silence, and become aware of God’s presence and open yourself to a deeper connection with the Creator.

Today, I will read sacred texts, meditate, pray and contemplate the peace, and divine wisdom within.




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  1. History of the Ancient World
    May 29, 2012 @ 20:07:30

    Thank you so much for your words & follow. History, especially ancient history is my biggest passion. I’m obsessed with Alexander The Great :). I’ve never been in Athens, but one day i’ll go there. I’m sure it is a wonderful experience. I’ve been in Rome..it is so amazing..ancient spirit still lives in there. I love your blog..thanks again for the follow. Warm greetings from Finland!

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