Lucille Frances Ryan aka Lucy Lawless was born in Auckland, New Zealand on March 29, 1968, with the Sun, Ascendant and Moon in the sign of Aries, God of War.  Lucy’s Sun and Moon are part of a stellium of conjunctions in Aries that includes Saturn and North Node in the first house of Self.

This combination of Solar Fire endows Lucy with a triple arsenal of super power that includes beauty, artistic style, physical strength, leadership, originality, courage, and the strategic fuel to take action, which makes her well armored for the role of the archetypal heroine, Xena: Warrior Princess.  Lucy Lawless, as Xena exuded the super power of Aries.  Perhaps this is why the God of War yearned for Xena to become his Goddess.

Xena performed with lightening speed, using the powerful attributes of her mentor to wield a sword and chakram to battle with wizards, warlords, demons and mythic gods.

Lastly, I would vote for Lucy to portray Wonder Woman!

Aries is associated with Emperor in the tarot.

A tenacious advocate with conviction! 


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  1. moiracampbell
    May 03, 2013 @ 22:18:25

    Moon in Aries. I am so pleased the flame is off now. Uranus hovering about my Moon and SNode is truly enough. March was so intense, I missed April merely recovering. Nice to meet you, blogging.

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