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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is my favorite Christmas story. It is clearly a symbol of Chiron, the wound that represents the gift of healing.

The lightning hooves of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen, guide Santa’s sleigh through a winter storm on Christmas Eve, led by the luminosity of Rudolph’s gift that illuminates the team’s path through the mist!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and joyous Christmas and New Year!



A time of warmth, and listening to the still small voice within, journaling, meditation, planting seeds of new growth.

What inner seeds will you plant?

Write a description of your inner journey to the Winter Goddess’ Crystal Palace.

Write a description of your Spring harvest.




The Star Goddess brings renewed self-esteem, increased trust, hope, wishes, faith, dreams, vision, and illuminates blessings of the Universe. She is a spiritual journey of letting go, healing, transformation, new ideas and growth.

What can you do to attune with the flowing waters of spirit to create a Universe within?

What is your best dream?

What blessings do you want to share with others?

Affirmation:  I can create anything I need!




The Full Moon will happen on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at 25 degrees Taurus, at 7:16 a.m., PST.

It is a time for grounding energy to align with our core values, and what is truly important. This full moon will cast an illumination on inner resources, such as, security, finances, values, abundance, art, pleasure, passion, goals, to enable and empower us to shift and make necessary changes.

Fortuna Bona, literally means “Good Fortune.” It is a benevolent aspect of the Roman Goddess of Luck and Chance, Fortuna. The Latin word “bona” is translated as “good things, profit, or wealth.” Trust your ability to connect with the positive energy of good fortune, and manifest your desires.


The High Priest, Pope or Pontiff (Latin “Pontifex”) wears his triple crown, and sits on a throne between two pillars symbolizing law and liberty, while the keys to Heaven rests at his feet. He is holy, enlightened, and the keeper of secret knowledge, and higher mysteries for the sake of presentation.

The Pontiff is a teacher, authority figure, represents great power, higher learning, high social standing, and all group identification with rules, and assigned roles.


Hand – the Pontiff’s right hand is raised as a sign of benediction.

Staff – a triple cross, symbolic of the global head of the Papal office in the Roman Catholic Church. The Staff reinforces the Pontiff’s responsibility of the well-being of the people.


Law, holy, ceremony, conformity, tradition, education, secret knowledge, status quo, institutions.

Taurus is ruler of the second house in the zodiac, and ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is also associated with the Hierophant in the tarot.


The High Priestess is the Guardian of the unconscious, and represents the unknown depths of inner illumination, divine knowledge, understanding, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and serenity. She has a deep intuitive understanding of the Universe, and knows the secret of how to access the inner realms. The truth is hidden and may be discovered only through meditation, dreams, intuition, divination, feminine wisdom or revelation.


The High Priestess is seated before the Gate of Great Mystery, and she is a Mediator of passage into the depth of reality. She is a symbol of initiation for “edge walkers,” to ride the crest between the threshold of darkness and light, and into the mysteries of inner wisdom, and the maturity to access her Ancient Wisdom.

The High Priestess is associated with the inner luminosity, and receptivity of the Moon in the tarot, and is an excellent archetype for accessing intuitive powers for artistic inspiration.



The School of Athens (1510-1511) ~ Raphael

Hypatia was born around AD 340-370.  She was a Greek Neoplatonist philosopher in 3rd Century Roman Egypt, and the daughter of mathematician Theon Alexandricus. She was the first historically noted female in mathematics, and was head of the Platonist School in Alexandria, Egypt. 

Hypatia was also associated with the Academy of Athens, and taught philosophy and astronomy to a diverse group of students, including pagans, Christians, and foreigners. She was the last Librarian of the Library of Alexandria in the Museum of Alexandria.

Hypatia was murdered by Christian radicals after being accused of inciting religious turmoil, witchcraft and godlessness.

The film Agora, starring Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, is a historical drama set in Roman Egypt. It is worth watching!


The New Moon in Virgo occurs on Thursday, September 5, 2013, at 4:36 AM PST.

The earthy season of Virgo is a time for new beginnings, excellent opportunities to formulate and commit to personal goals regarding all things Virgo.

Concentrate on finding natural, essential and economical solutions to organize your habits and daily activities.

This is an excellent time to pay attention to details while starting new and healthier ways to develop new skills, release tension and anxiety, new exercise routines, eating healthier foods and taking vitamin supplements for accelerated wellness.

Discover new, analytical and practical ways to get organized and start new projects. Develop a critical eye for your life to reveal what is and isn’t working.

Engage in mental pursuits, reading, writing, meditation, eliminating clutter, and enjoy a shower of new beginnings.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. It is the sign of service, healing of our total being, and ruler of the earthly realm. Shift into merging with your passion, and how you can serve.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and represented by the Hermit card of higher wisdom in the tarot.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of the Wheel of Fortune.  The Ancient Romans regarded Fortuna as the daughter of Jupiter, and Goddess of good fortune.  It is about movement, evolution, destiny, fate, good fortune, bounty, luck and change.


  • Fortuna Annonaria brought the luck of the harvest
  • Fortuna Privata fortune of the private individual
  • Fortuna Publica fortune of the people
  • Fortuna Redux brought one safely home
  • Fortuna Respiciens the fortune of the provider

Do you realize your power to create a beneficial future and trust in that vision to become master of your universe?

Do you feel lucky?

Are you ready for change?


Great wealth, good health and happy fortune, now flow into my life!


Cancer is represented by the Chariot in the tarot, and indicates motion.

The Chariot is led by two horses, lions or sphinxes in most tarot decks.

The Charioteer is armored and self-reliant, guiding the reins with two horses, and stirred with strategic command, tremendous skill and focused intent toward victorious non-stop navigation of hard-won triumph over obstacles toward a goal directed destiny.

Hold tightly to the reins of destiny, and stir toward your goals with unwavering faith, confidence and victory!

What is your motivation?

What goals are you racing toward?

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