300px-Antonio_de_Pereda_-_The_Knight's_DreamThe Knight’s Dream ~ Antonio de Pereda


The Dreaming, or timeless time, has different meanings for various Aboriginal groups, which are divided into more than 500 tribal groups. Dreamtime refers to the belief of Australian Aborigines that the world was created during the Dreamtime, and tribes people entered this imaginal realm through altered consciousness, dreams and death.

Dreamtime is considered the final destination before journeying to reincarnation. The rules and embodiment of Creation gives meaning to the collective.


A Dreaming is a story owned by different tribes, explaining the Creation, and is passed on as it is owned when people live according to tribal law, and lore. The songs, dances, and stories are transmissions or lineages of the Songlines, Murals of Dreaming or Creation. These transmissions are not to be painted without the authorization of the Dreaming’s owner. Otherwise, it is considered stealing.

Four Aspects of Dreamtime

  • The beginning of all things
  • The life and influence of the ancestors
  • The way of life and death
  • The sources of power of life

The four aspects of Dreamtime include a condition, “all-at-once” instead of the “one-thing-after-another” time, which is beyond time and space other than everyday life. Dreamtime is experienced as the past, present and future co-existing in altered states of consciousness.

When tribal members live according to tribal rules, they are initiated through rituals, and hearing the mythology of the tribe. 

The experience of Dreamtime may sound mystical or mysterious to the Western mind. It is based on comprehension and observable facts of social and mental life, which are unfortunately held with little regard in Western society. The present is observable as a result of past actions or events. Present society is based on a foundation of past great men and women’s heroic deeds.

 In Aboriginal tribes, and many ancient races, the past heroic deeds of ancestors are remembered with great veneration.

The tribal members believed the present life, personal skills and character of all members, arose out of the deeds and life of the ancestors, and passed on to the tribe in the present, which are held in the Dreamtime, beyond shifting events happening “one-after-the-other.” The belief that each individual’s life is eternal, and pre-existed, until becoming a living being born to the mother.

 Entering the Dreamtime

 The individual who enters the Dreamtime feels no separation between themselves, and the strengths and resources of their ancestors. The limitations of time and space are overcome through Dreamtime.

 Death in Dreamtime

Death is considered a cycle of life, and one emerges from Dreamtime through birth, and returns to the timeless, only to emerge again. It is a common belief that a person temporarily enters the Dreamtime during sleep.


The Aboriginal tribes are deeply connected and dependent upon their beliefs, strength, and the identity of their inner landscape, perhaps more than any race of recent times, and the inner world is an externalization of the individual’s landscape.

Aborigines are vulnerable to anything which disrupts their beliefs, and have a great psychic sense of wholeness and identity with their tribe and environment than is common in Western individuals.

Lastly, how do you resonate with Dreamtime? Do you call, sing, chant, journal, or visualize it into your consciousness?

Further Reading

  • Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines (Mr. Chatwin explores the Australian Aboriginal custom of “singing the world out of Dreamtime”)

  • Philip K. Dick, VALIS

  • David Gulpilil’s Stories of the Dreamtime.  Mr. Gulpilil is a tribal musician, dancer, writer, actor, of aboriginal descent, and appeared in the films,

    Crocodile Dundee I and II

  • Neil Gaiman, graphic novels, The Sandman

  • Alexia Wright, Carpentaria



The Oak tree is a living legend, and King of the Tree realm.  It is a tree of strength and protection.


Oaks are known for its size and longevity, and powerful life-affirming symbolic themes of fire, masculinity, durability, purity, constancy, crusader, robin, Stag, growth, doorway, call to adventure, security, pride, grace, primeval vigor, life, nurturing, wisdom, nobility, loyalty, power, longevity, honor, history, territoriality, ancestry, teacher, and knowledge.


The Oak’s tower of strength has a regal presence and tendency to attract lightning.  It is associated with the Celtic god, Eochaidh Ollathair (Dagda).  The Dagda possesses superhuman strength, endurance, agility, magical powers to open portals, grant power to mortals, hurl energy, and perceive phenomenon on a cosmic scale.  He has power, mystical potential and more superhuman strength than any Celtic god, and may be equal to Zeus and Odin in power.

Ancient Celts recognized and honored the Oak as a clear sign of its noble presence, endurance, massive growth, impressive expanse, and as a spiritual doorway.  The ancient Europeans wore oak leaves as a sign of special status.  Known for its high tannin content, it is resistant to fungus, and used for making doors and boats.

There are accounts that trace the name “druid” to duir, the Celtic term for the Oak.  The actual translation of duir is “door” and lore indicates that witches can access the ethereal planes of higher thought by using the Oak as a door into magical places.  Druids met in oak groves and ate acorns to ingest the ancient knowledge contained in them.  Mistletoe grows best on the Oak, and is the most sacred herb of the Druids.


On June 25, 2013, Jupiter moved into Cancer, the sign of home, mother, nurturer and protector.  Jupiter is favorable in the sign of Cancer.  In your natal chart, the house of Cancer is where royal favor is bestowed.

It’s time for a new 12-year cycle, and your actions between June 25, 2013 and July 16, 2014, will create a new cycle for the remaining eleven years.

The latin meaning for Jupiter is “Iuppiter,” and represented by the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot.

The Greeks worshiped Zeus.  However, Zeus also became the God of the Romans, and was worshiped as Jupiter Optimus Maximus for courage, victory and abundance in all areas of life.

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Great Jupiter, Supreme God and Ruler of the Universe

Great Dies Pater of the Roman Pantheon

Guardian of mankind, you reign supreme

We stand before the altar of humility and gratitude to proclaim Jupiter, as Optimus Maximus of royal favors

We appeal to your power and might to grant us laser focus, and divine fortune for people throughout the world

Grant us victory and hospitality to love and share our bounty of thanksgiving in a sacred feast

Wipe away our tears of despair, and replace them with divine blessings of paramount stability

Nourish us with new horizons of warmth, luck, security, family, friendships, learning and growth

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Write your petition to Great Jupiter, and watch for thunderbolts of manifestation!



Wonder Woman vs. Ares battle in the film, Wonder Woman (2008).  This is an animated film worth watching!



The New Moon in Aries will hit the stage, ready for action on Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at 2:35 AM, PST, and 5:35 AM, EDT, at 20’41’.


Here come the Olympian A-Team, the brave reinforcements of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Uranus, a cavalry of archetypal stars leap into action, and join Aries in a theme of laser focus to open a portal into a new zone of growth.  This is a powerful call for renewed faith.

Launch a new horizon, and use this team of stars to set concentrated intentions, dreams and wishes to align with the affairs of Aries in the natal house of your chart.

Remember to thank the Super Powers for the will to forge a strategic plan of action, and fearless ambition to boldly move forward into new territory.


This Stellium of Stars in my 10th house of social status, true vocation, rewards and career, at 24’14’, is the Pegasus, urging me to fearlessly climb aboard, and unleash ambition to gain recognition for achievements, and manifest a new career.

  • How will you use the Super Powers to unleash ambition?
  • What is your Super Power?

Ride the energy, and manifest your dreams!