Jupiter is the ruling planet of the Wheel of Fortune.  The Ancient Romans regarded Fortuna as the daughter of Jupiter, and Goddess of good fortune.  It is about movement, evolution, destiny, fate, good fortune, bounty, luck and change.


  • Fortuna Annonaria brought the luck of the harvest
  • Fortuna Privata fortune of the private individual
  • Fortuna Publica fortune of the people
  • Fortuna Redux brought one safely home
  • Fortuna Respiciens the fortune of the provider

Do you realize your power to create a beneficial future and trust in that vision to become master of your universe?

Do you feel lucky?

Are you ready for change?


Great wealth, good health and happy fortune, now flow into my life!


Cancer is represented by the Chariot in the tarot, and indicates motion.

The Chariot is led by two horses, lions or sphinxes in most tarot decks.

The Charioteer is armored and self-reliant, guiding the reins with two horses, and stirred with strategic command, tremendous skill and focused intent toward victorious non-stop navigation of hard-won triumph over obstacles toward a goal directed destiny.

Hold tightly to the reins of destiny, and stir toward your goals with unwavering faith, confidence and victory!

What is your motivation?

What goals are you racing toward?


On June 25, 2013, Jupiter moved into Cancer, the sign of home, mother, nurturer and protector.  Jupiter is favorable in the sign of Cancer.  In your natal chart, the house of Cancer is where royal favor is bestowed.

It’s time for a new 12-year cycle, and your actions between June 25, 2013 and July 16, 2014, will create a new cycle for the remaining eleven years.

The latin meaning for Jupiter is “Iuppiter,” and represented by the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot.

The Greeks worshiped Zeus.  However, Zeus also became the God of the Romans, and was worshiped as Jupiter Optimus Maximus for courage, victory and abundance in all areas of life.

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Great Jupiter, Supreme God and Ruler of the Universe

Great Dies Pater of the Roman Pantheon

Guardian of mankind, you reign supreme

We stand before the altar of humility and gratitude to proclaim Jupiter, as Optimus Maximus of royal favors

We appeal to your power and might to grant us laser focus, and divine fortune for people throughout the world

Grant us victory and hospitality to love and share our bounty of thanksgiving in a sacred feast

Wipe away our tears of despair, and replace them with divine blessings of paramount stability

Nourish us with new horizons of warmth, luck, security, family, friendships, learning and growth

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Jupiter Optimus Maximus!

Write your petition to Great Jupiter, and watch for thunderbolts of manifestation!



Serge Gainsbourg, born Lucien Ginsburg, on April 2, 1928 at 4:55 AM.

Sun:  Aries (Mars)

Ascendent:  Pisces (Neptune)

Moon:  Taurus (Venus)

He was a French singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor and director.  His diverse, artistic, provocative and scandalous releases embodied the musical genres of electronic, disco, jazz, reggae, chanson, funk, pop, and ye’-ye’.  He was an international sex symbol, a beloved, and influential figure in French popular music.


Gainsbourg’s childhood was profoundly affected by Nazi Germany’s occupation of France.  However, he transformed his wound into  lyrical swords of creative musical inspiration.


It would be interesting to compare the natal charts of Clyde Barrow and Serge Gainsbourg, both Sun in Aries, and Moon in Taurus; and Bonnie Parker and Brigitte Bardot, both Libras.

serge gainsbourg natal chart

Song ~ Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot



Clyde Chestnut Barrow was born on March 24, 1909, in Talico, Texas at 10:55 AM, 32n22, 96w31.

Sun:  Aries (Mars)

Ascendant:  Gemini (Mercury)

Moon:  Taurus (Venus)

clyde barrow.natal chart

He traveled the Central United States, along with his partner, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, his gang during the Great Depression.  The Barrow gang were outlaws, robbers, and criminals, and well-known to the American public during the Era of Public Enemy between 1931 and 1934.


During his lifetime, Clyde was a professional criminal, and along with his gang, preferred to rob small stores and rural gas stations.  However, he was famed for bank robberies.  The press sensationalized the Barrow gang, and depicted the road warriors’ lifestyle as more glamorous than the actual characterization of reality.

On May 23, 1934, in Louisiana, Clyde and Bonnie’s felony career came to a brutal end when they were ambushed by law officers, who sprayed their V8 Ford with more than 120 bullets, killing the notorious couple.  Commonly known as “Bonnie and Clyde,” the two have been memorialized in films, songs, novels, and poems.


I realize the Sun is now in Taurus.  However, I could not resist finishing the month of April with Bette and Joan. Also, I don’t have to elaborate much regarding the rivalry between these two Arian screen queens.


Bette Davis was born Ruth Elizabeth Davis on April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts.


Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur, on March 23, 1904 in San Antonio, Texas.


Wonder Woman vs. Ares battle in the film, Wonder Woman (2008).  This is an animated film worth watching!

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